We are a small family business trying to keep appliance boards out of our landfills, and in return, provide cost saving used parts to keep your appliances running.

The model number of your appliance is the KEY! You must have the model number to find the correct part number. Once you have your part number, you can start browsing. The model number will be on the sticker with all the manufacturer's information located somewhere on your appliance.

The best way to find the correct part number is to search new appliance part stores online. They often have the appliance manufacture's complete diagram, and you can use your model number in their search bar to find the part you need in the drawings. Then find the original part number that is associated with the diagram number. Almost all parts change the number often, so you may have to cross reference numbers during your search.

Most control boards and circuit boards do have their own part number printed right on them. Remove the part you are replacing and compare the part numbers on the sticker. Each part has an individual part number that is model specific, so please be certain that the part you are ordering, is the one you need.

YouTube can be an invaluable source for troubleshooting and repairs. Simply search for your model number, part number, make and type of appliance or symptoms.

Please contact us with any questions.

Weikert Appliance Sales offers free priority shipping to our customers, and parts will send same or next day.